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Breakfast table
Grandmother's Garden
Snowmobile Park
Summer zinnas
LogHaven Winter
Wow! Red Maple
Grandmother's Garden
Horse guests in the fall
A pot of smiles
Ogemaw Hills snowmobile trail
North Star bath
Hummingbird heaven
Colors from the deck
Starlite room
Snowmobile park
Screened porch
North Star suite
Grandmother's Garden bath
LogHaven east view
My Maggie horse
Front Porch
Grandmother's Garden
North Star suite
Hillside of snow
Wind turbine
Starlite room
North star seating area
Ogemaw Hills pathway trailhead
Winter scene
Hill in winter
LogHaven front view
Leaving for a horseback ride
Winter driveway
Wheelbarrow of flowers
Great room
Antique dresser in Bath
Front Porch
Grandmother's Garden
Our apple blossoms
Hiking/skiing trail
The Barn
Our road in  Autumn
Horses leaving for a ride
Guests with their horses
Paint Horse
This is a lot of snow